Never be down. Never lose data.

Archive Intelligence by ioFABRIC provides transparent failover of your VM cluster within 15 seconds to a second site or the cloud. This is the ultimate in disaster recovery.

Say goodbye to downtime


1 out of 3 businesses experienced a ransomware attack in the past year


Almost half of all businesses have suffered a failure that required an HA/DR solution to resume operations


75% of IT managers are not able to restore everything when moving data, despite having a backup solution 

Give Your Archive Intelligence

Malicious attacks, infrastructure failures, or even simple human error can compromise your data and systems. With Archive Intelligence, your data is protected by a multipronged approach to data security.


Archive Intelligence verifies your backups are clean, complete, and bootable.

AI encrypts your backups and makes them immutable, preventing ransomware from tampering. It also identifies threats by scanning your backups for ransomware.

Instant Restart icon

Instant Failover

AI preboots your backup images so your applications are ready to run. It verifies your images are clean, complete, and bootable, so you can be confident.

No downtime, no customer impact, and no financial impact.

What people are saying about Archive Intelligence

Delivered at 11:11 and setup by 11:19. That includes unpacking, reading the instructions, going to the basement, finding an available power socket and ethernet cable, going up to the second floor, and registering the device from my iPhone.


I can shut down my computer and not worry about doing a backup every evening.  I didn’t have too many expectations before it was installed but now I just enjoy the whole thing.  I would definitely recommend it to anybody.


How It Works

AI serves as an on-premise backup, replication, and archival target for your existing backup and file services. As either a virtual or physical appliance, the data-aware AI classifies files, scans for ransomware, replicates files offsite, and stands ready for failover.



Files classified as backup images are made immutable to guard against malicious activity.


Each snapshot is verified as bootable, scanned for ransomware, made available for instant failover, and replicated offsite.


 VMs instantly fail over to VMware or onto the Archive Intelligence hypervisor in the case that a production system fails or detects malicious activity.

Try the Intelligent Archive!

Book some time to log into our demo sandbox and see how simple it is to protect your data.

Try re-starting a VM to see it instantly run!

Confirm that the backup's been ransomware scanned and verified bootable

Take a look at the reports first-hand and see detailed information on the archive

See how easy it is to search backups and files (zip and tar) for specific keywords or information

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